Custom Boat Cover: Peace of Mind
Many people dream of owning a boat.  They work hard, save their money and are one day finally able to make that dream come true.  With neglect and improper care, however, that dream can quickly become a nightmare.

When you finally realize the dream of owning a boat, why risk your happiness and investment by leaving its future to chance?  Boats are expensive purchases, and only a chosen few can go out and buy a new one every few months.  That's why it's important to take every step to ensure a long life for your boat.  It will need the best maintenance possible, as well as ongoing protection against all of nature's elements.

A custom boat cover can very well be the best solution.  Although your boat is built to be in the water, it should not be exposed to rain, snow, ice or even direct sunlight.  A custom boat cover can provide the all-season protection you're your boat needs.  Many boat manufacturers and boat accessory retailers offer custom boat covers.  While not custom-made specifically for you, there are particular boat covers available for many popular boat models.  You can check with your marina or boat retailer to see if a custom cover is available for the model of boat you own.

Custom boat covers protect more than the hull of the boat.  They are made to blanket the motor, masts and any accessories as well.  In order to ensure a perfect fit, you may need to have the cover tailored specifically for your boat.  This way, the cover will fit snugly and offer the best level of protection.

You will have a choice of materials when selecting your boat cover.  Canvas, polyester, nylon, and waver polyester are all good options that offer dependable protection and endurance.  Look for a cover that is waterproof, dustproof, and flexible.  The material should also provide ample air circulation, as any moisture that accumulates under the cover can cause irreversible damage from rust of mildew.  Be sure that the boat can "breathe", even while it is covered up.  Some consider the best material to be a 50/50 polyester blend, as this fabric is light, waterproof, and lets air circulate while it blocks potential harmful UV rays from the sun.

Even if you choose the best custom boat cover made of the highest-quality material, you should still take a few extra precautions.  After you have covered the boat, take the time to seal it with waterproof tape.  This is particularly important for areas that are commonly affected by rust or rot.  Taping the cover and closing any gaps will provide the added protection you'll want and need for your boat.   

You can't afford to throw away your hard-earned money.  That's why it's so important to keep your boat in good condition for years to come, with a custom boat cover.