Improve Your Golf Score: Easy Tips
When you were a kid, you tried your best to have the highest score in everything.  Now that you're grown up, you find yourself wishing for the lowest score.  It's not your competitive nature that's changed, but the game itself.

Lowering your golf score can require more than a little hard work.  First, you need to have the drive and desire to become a better golfer, and be willing to practice to achieve the perfect swing.  You'll find that once you've begun a solid plan of action, and increased your desire to play better golf, you will become a better golfer.  You will improve your golf score and you will earn more respect on the golf course.

* Put Your Mind to It
Golf is largely a game of wits, and truly good golfers can successfully combine their golf skills with their mental abilities.  By changing and improving how think and feel about the game of golf, you'll see improvements in your game and your score.  A good attitude is crucial and will help you to evolve into a better player.

* Practice Your Putts

Whenever you have a spare moment, take the time to practice putting.  Practice at home and at the office.  Pick up a portable putting green that you can take with you.  Repeated practice will help you to gain control over the putter, and will in turn give you better control over the ball.  The extra efforts today will result in skills that you'll appreciate over time.  Practice as much as you can.

* Know Your Turf
Be aware of the aware of the terrain on which you are playing.  When you're familiar with the green, you'll be able to make your putts count and improve your golf score.  Know which clubs are best for the course, and have them on hand.  Be prepared to meet and overcome any challenges that may come up during your game.

* Embrace Criticism
Golf is like most facets of our lives. There will always be someone with a little more experience and more often than not, he or she will be happy to share the knowledge.  However, you need to be willing to accept criticism and recognize your own shortcomings.  The only way to better your game and improve your golf score is to be willing to improve your weak areas.  Listen to advice, and use it whenever you can. The hard-learned lessons of others are valuable information that can solve your problems and give you the edge that you need.

* Keep Your Cool
No one likes a showoff; so don't let yourself get too cocky.  It's OK to celebrate your own victories, but don't come across as arrogant if you are playing a great game.  You can be proud of your efforts and your success, just be sure to keep your ego in check.  The potential to earn a great golf score is little consolation if no one wants to play with you.

There are many ways to improve your golf score, but all of the tips and tricks and hints and advice won't add up if don't take the time to practice.  Take your time, relax, apply those nuggets of wisdom to your own game but above all, have fun.  After all, it is a game.