The Foundations of Time Sharing
A new concept in resort management was conceived in the 1960s. This new idea in the resort industry paved the way for a higher gain in profit and led to the revolution that would follow. The new idea inspired other resorts throughout the world and led to $9 billion annual total sales today. About 5,000 resorts around the world have joined the timeshare industry since then.  

The new idea was time sharing. Resort developers now offer their guests a chance to be an owner for a week's time instead of being guests with restrictions and limitations.

Patrons would become partial owners of the resort for a week. These weeks are covered in a deed much like real property deeds, because timeshares are thought of as real properties. Their patrons find the offer attractive even if the ownership would cover only a week each year.

Guests become owners of the resort by buying the timeshares. Resorts were no longer just vacation spots, but were transformed into timeshare resorts. These resorts evolved into real properties owned by the owner of its timeshares.

The man who improvised this concept, a developer of a ski resort in the French Alps, made the resort industry livelier and richer ten times over. Resorts all over the world succeeded in increasing the occupancy of their resorts.

Over the decades, the timeshare industry became more active with its flexible schemes in ownership and the use of the timeshare deeds.  

Holders of timeshares have various choices to pick from. The following benefits are the usage options available to the timeshare owners:

1. The holder of the timeshares can use it.
2. Owners have an option to advertise it as timeshare rentals as well.
3. The timeshare deed could be presented as a gift to family or loved ones.
4. Owners have a choice of internally exchanging the timeshares under the umbrella of the resort group.
5. Owners have an option to externally exchanging the timeshares with thousands of other resorts.

Timeshare Rentals

From these five options at hand to the timeshare owner, timeshare rentals prove to be the most profitable for owners of timeshares. This is because timeshare rentals are attractive to travelers, adventurers, and backpackers who need to have accommodations with minimum cost of expenses.

This particular market is what owners of timeshare rentals cater to. Timeshare rentals are easily found on the Internet and the traveler would have no problem of keeping their accommodations since it is only a timeshare rental.        

Timeshare rentals allow prospective clients/ travelers to stay at a number of 5-star resorts, luxury hotels, or resort condos without relying on what is indicated on the timeshare deed.

Timeshare rentals guarantees rates that are cheaper than what people normally pay in a resort. The cost of timeshare rentals is lower than the normal price of a resort. Clients and travelers are able to save a huge amount of money.

Timeshare Rentals Online

Websites that advertise timeshare rentals are readily found. If these sites' classifieds come directly from the owners, the potential clients would be able to save huge amount of money. Of course, timeshare rentals are supposedly hundreds of dollars cheaper than what one would pay for the usual rent for a resort.

Owners who wish to advertise their timeshare rentals can list their timeshares in existing websites. The benefit of this advertising is the ease of monitoring and promoting.

The website allows owners of timeshare rentals to monitor and promote their timeshare rentals daily to thousands of prospective client who are interested. According to market research, majority of travelers or prospective buyers look to the Internet for availability of timeshare rentals.

The cost of listing is less expensive than paying another maintenance fee. Listing the timeshare rentals would also let owners target the particular audience for their rental.

Listing timeshare rentals online is also beneficial to the travelers, adventurers, and backpackers. These people would have a variety of options available to them for their accommodation needs. In these cases, they would be able to search and decide on cheaper accommodations available to them.